Rebate check presentation-Absolute Air

Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric Safety Coordinator/Member Service Representative Jack Schwab (pictured left), July 12, presented a $41,300 rebate check to Absolute Air Plant Manager Randy Ritter for their investment of Energy Star® appliances, variable frequency drive motors, and LED lighting. Absolute Air in Faribault draws atmospheric air through an intake filter to remove any dust or debris. The air is moderately compressed and moved into a pre-cooling chamber at 40o F where H2O and CO2 are removed. The air is moved into air separators at -297o F, where the oxygen turns into a liquid, then argon and nitrogen gases are separated. Argon turns into liquid at -302o F and nitrogen turns into liquid at -320o F. The gases are piped in their liquid state to storage tanks for later shipment to partners and customers.