KW Saves kWhs: Air Vents & Smart Thermostats

Kim Wilson (I’m the KW in ‘KW Saves kWhs’😊)
SWCE Member Services Supervisor

Here are a couple easy ways to help you lower your heating costs. Check back each month for additional ideas.

Don’t block your air vents

If furniture or drapes are blocking your heating vents, you’re making your furnace work harder than it should. Blocked vents increase air pressure in your ductwork, which can create cracks and leaks. Clearing your vents ensures that every room in your home is getting good circulation and that your system is working as designed. If a piece of furniture is sitting over a vent, try using an inexpensive vent extender to direct air out into the room.

Switch to a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a high-tech way to save electricity in the winter. Programmable thermostat savings come from the ability to fine-tune and optimize when your furnace runs. You can program the thermostat to turn down while you’re sleeping or when you’re away and then set it warmer for just before your arrival back home at the end of the day. You can reduce your electric bill in winter without sacrificing comfort.

Take advantage of the rebate that Steele-Waseca has on Wi-Fi thermostats here:

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