10 Outdoor Lighting Tips to help you stay jolly

Courtesy: Safe Electricity.org

Be Safe During the Ho Ho Holidays!

Before you plan out your new holiday lighting scheme or repeat last year’s festive design, keep these 10 safety tips in mind when decorating outdoors:

  1. Do not toss light strands up into the air. They could get too close to or come into contact with a power line.
  2. Before using a ladder, always look up and assess all power line locations.
  3. Carry a ladder horizontally when transporting it.
  4. Keep at least 10 feet between yourself (and any item you are holding) and a power line.
  5. Do not use staples or nails or tacks to secure light strands, cords, wires or extension cords.
  6. String together no more than the number of strands recommended by the manufacturer.
  7. Plug all lights and extension cords into GGCI-protected outlets.
  8. Use lights and extension cords rated for outdoor use.
  9. Do not use frayed, cracked or otherwise damaged cords, plugs or lights
  10. Use only lights and products certified by a reputable testing lab.