Builders and Electricians

New Construction

For new construction in SWCE’s territory please contact SWCE’s Operations Division by calling the office or by filling out and submitting the New/Rebuilt Electrical Service form. A SWCE staking technician will schedule an appointment to meet with the electrician, homeowner and/or builder on site to determine the electrical service requirements, the location of the electrical equipment and line extension if required.

Please note:

  1. With the exception of some developments in Lonsdale and Medford, SWCE does not allow the main meter socket to be installed on buildings.
  2. All services are required to have a disconnecting means located by the meter socket.
  3. All 200 amp services and smaller are to provide a 200 amp bypass meter socket.

Rebuilding Service

Please contact SWCE’s Operations Division when planning to rebuild or upgrade services to an existing account location. SWCE may choose to upgrade the transformer, meter or change out poles to coincide with the rebuilding of the existing electrical service. Rebuild services are required to meet SWCE’s metering policies as listed under New Construction. The New/Rebuilt Electrical Service form can also be filled out and submitted to SWCE in lieu of a phone call to the Operations Division. The New/Rebuild Electrical Service form can be found under Documents and Forms.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial business looking to locate in SWCE’s territory or are upgrading their existing electrical service should contact SWCE’s Operation Division. SWCE will review the electrical distribution infrastructure in the area to accommodate the load requirements. At this time SWCE will also evaluate the available rate schedules to determine the rate options for the service account.


For developers looking to develop areas of land for housing or industrial parks, please contact SWCE’s Operations Division once the initial plans have been developed. SWCE will work with you to coordinate the installation of the electrical infrastructure to coincide with your development timeline. SWCE will request a plat drawing of the development site along with contact information of the principal contacts for your development project.

Building Moves

Building movers that will be bringing buildings through SWCE’s territory will need to provide to SWCE’s Operations Division the following items a minimum of two weeks prior to the building move.

  1. The route of the building move.
  2. The total height of the structure loaded on the trailer.
  3. The proposed date and time of the house move.

SWCE will provide the building mover with a cost estimate to accommodate the proposed building move. SWCE may require a deposit prior to the scheduled building move.

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