18 scholarships awarded to high school grads

Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric awarded $1,000 scholarships to 18 high school seniors who graduated this past school year.

A portion of the funds to support these scholarships come from unclaimed capital credit equity.

Steele-Waseca’s scholarship program has awarded $232,250 in scholarships since the program was established in 1954. 

The recipients are a dependent of a Steele-Waseca member and will be attending a two- or four-year technical school or college full time this fall. The recipients were selected by their respective high schools. This year’s recipients include:

•  Maressa Hanson, Bethlehem Academy, the daughter of Alex and Darla Hanson, Morristown.

• Rachel Winzenburg, Blooming Prairie, the daughter of Lucas and Katie Winzenburg, Blooming Prairie.

• Samantha Huinker, Faribault, the daughter of Mike and Catherine Huinker, Morristown.

• Jenna Klocke, Hayfield, the daughter of Dan and Naci Klocke, Hayfield.

• Jackson Walters, Maple River, the son of Casey and Leah Walters, Mapleton.

•  Addison O’Connor, Medford, the daughter of Ashley and Aaron Barta, Faribault.

• Brynlee Kupp, New Prague, the daughter of Douglas and Shanna Kupp, Lonsdale.

• Hallie Schultz, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, the daughter of Rick and Jackie Schultz, New Richland.

• Blake Simon, Northfield, the son of Daniel and Megan Simon, Northfield.

• Elizabeth Schmidt, Owatonna Christian School, the daughter of Robert and Sarah Schmidt, Claremont.

• Kyra DeWitz, Owatonna, the daughter of Jed and Shannon DeWitz, Claremont.

• Faith Koktavy, Randolph, the daughter of Mark and Farrah Koktavy, Dundas.

• Abigail Hus, Rochester John Marshall, the daughter of Chris Hus, Rochester.

• Peter Dumdei, St. Clair, the son of Nick & Kathryn Dumdei, Mapleton.

• Brynn Fitterer, Tri-City United, the daughter of Alan and Cheryl Fitterer, Lonsdale.

• Claire Terpstra, Triton, the daughter of Marisa and Scott Starkson,  Claremont.

• Bailey Hodgkins, Waseca, the daughter of Dave & Traci Hodgkins, New Richland.• Zara Gibson, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown, the daughter of Andrea and Travis Gibson, Morristown.