Agriculture and Electricity

Are You Increasing Electrical Load

As your farm grows be sure to keep SWCE involved.  When additional motors are added to your site, SWCE may need to upgrade electrical equipment. In some cases larger transformers may take up to 12 weeks to procure. Plan ahead and make sure to call SWCE’s Operations department to discuss your plans.  A SWCE staking technician will contact you to schedule a meeting onsite to discuss your plans and changes SWCE may need to perform to accommodate the new electrical load.

Power Line Clearance

New farm equipment can help you with increasing efficiencies on your farm. Please keep in mind that while farm machinery continues to grow larger, the power lines will remain at the same height. Contact SWCE’s Operation Division when installing new field drives or after purchasing new farm machinery that reduces the clearance to the power line. SWCE will make arrangements with you to keep the correct clearance distances from the power lines to machinery or other farm structures.

Energy Efficiency Rebates

SWCE offers many different types of energy efficiency rebates, some of which can be customizes to fit your agricultural energy upgrade projects. Contact SWCE at 507-451-7340 for more information about lighting and high efficiency motor custom rebates.

Stray Voltage Concerns

SWCE prides itself on maintaining a safe and reliable distribution system. If you suspect you may have a problem with stray voltage, ground currents or harmonics, please contact us. We will work with you to identify electrical problems that may exist and provide stray voltage testing. You can contact Jack at 507-451-7340 regarding your stray voltage concerns or you can fill out the Stray Voltage Form found under Documents and Forms and mail, fax or email it to our operations division.

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To report an electrical contact call 911 first. Then call SWCE at (507) 451-7340 or (800) 526-3514.

For questions on increasing electrical load, contact Jeff at

For questions on stray voltage, contact Jack at

For questions on motor or lighting rebates, contact SWCE at

Documents and Forms

Stray Voltage Initial Questionnaire

Proper Grain Bin Clearance

Agriculture Energy Guide