Board candidates for 2024 announced by Steele-Waseca’s Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee for Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric have determined their selection of candidates for the board seats up for election in Districts 1, 3, and 5, as election results will be announced at this year’s annual meeting scheduled Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

The committee first met Nov. 15, 2023, at Steele-Waseca’s headquarters in Owatonna.

Attorney Tricia Lancaster reviewed the duties of the Nominating Committee as stated in the co-op’s bylaws, the activities and conduct of individual board members policy, the qualifications for eligibility for service on the co-op’s board of directors policy, campaign policy, the director election filing form and affirmation of director qualifications, and questions concerning qualifications for director.

Board President Gary Wilson highlighted areas of the board of director position description with the committee. Wilson addressed potential questions a candidate may have, highlighting the time commitment it takes to be a board director.

General Manager Syd Briggs reviewed the selection process with the committee. He explained the nominating committee policy and the rotation plan for the committee which works on a rotation system that keeps six experienced members on the committee, and adds three new members each year.

A list of members in each district was handed out and reviewed. It was suggested that committee members from each district meet together to search for candidates and review the information given to them. 

Nominations for committee chairperson for the January meeting were opened, and Denise Bartness was nominated by Lylia Iverson. After the nomination was seconded, Wilson declared her nominating committee chairperson. After no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

The Nominating Committee conducted their second meeting, Jan. 18, at Steele-Waseca’s headquarters.

Lancaster reviewed the director duties, standard of conduct policy, and qualifications for eligibility for service on the board of directors policy.

Briggs reviewed the director position description, highlighting director responsibilities, board-manager relations, board-cooperative member relations, and board-community relations.

The names of the following candidates were announced. They will appear on the mail-in ballot sent before the end of April to members, and mailed back by members before the end of May prior to Steele-Waseca’s 88th annual meeting, June 4, at the co-op’s headquarters, 2411 W. Bridge St., Owatonna:

•  District 1: PJ Duchene (incumbent), Faribault.

•  District 3: Dan M. Hansen, Ellendale; Ralph F. Miller, Owatonna; Neil R. Schlaak (appointed), New Richland; and Anton H. Seykora, Ellendale.

•  District 5: Rodney D. Krell (incumbent), Blooming Prairie.

A profile of each candidate will appear in the May 2024 Sparks newsletter. Additional candidates may be listed on the ballot if they obtain the signatures of 200 Steele-Waseca members and submit it within 50 days (April 15) of the annual meeting.

This year’s Nominating Committee consisted of the following Steele-Waseca members: District 1—Matt LaCanne, Faribault; Daniel/Stacy Maas, Faribault; and Dale/Lynn Groskreutz, New Richland; District 3— Denise Bartness, Owatonna; Rene/Pam Koester, Nerstrand; and Bert Wiersma, Ellendale; District 5— John/Lylia Iverson, Medford; Charlie Peters, Lonsdale; and Bruce Rumpza, Blooming Prairie.