Energy Efficiency Tips

SWCE offers tools on how you can reduce the electrical usage in your home at no or low cost. Check out the Energy Wise MN and the Home Energy Adventure websites found under Quick Links. Or download one of the Energy Guides located under Documents and Forms. Simple changes to your energy habits can add up to savings.

Scam Alerts

There are many products available for purchase on the internet that claim to reduce your electrical usage. Before you purchase anything, please be sure to research the claims of the energy saving product. The most common so-called energy saving device would address the power factor in your home. SWCE’s single phase rate only bills member for the kilowatt hours used or the real power. Power factor correction devices improved the reactive component of power, (VARs), which does next to nothing to change the amount of energy you are billed on each month.

Residential Rebates

Looking to update your home and lower your electric bill at the same time? SWCE offers rebate incentives to members installing certain Energy Star appliances. Learn more about maximizing your energy dollar.

Lighting Rebates

Up to $2 per Energy Star LED bulb (limit 5).

LED Yard Light details and $30 fixture rebate form

Appliance Rebates

$25 per new Energy Star dehumidifier

$50 per Energy Star freezer with recycling of old unit

$50 per Energy Star refrigerator with recycling of old unit

$25 per Energy Star electric clothes dryer

$25 per Energy Star Wi-Fi smart thermostat

Heat Pumps, A/C and HVAC Rebates

$100/ton for Energy Star rated Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump

$50 rebate for new or replacement Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)

$50 for Central A/C 14.3 SEER2 and up as long as installed by a qualified contractor;  ASHP with a HSPF2 of 7.0 and up are between $500-$800 as long as installed by a qualified contractor. For a limited time, promotional ASHP rebates are available for ducted and ductless ASHPs. Qualified HVAC installers can re-order rebate forms by using the HVAC Re-order Rebate Form

$25 Central Air or Air Source Heat Pump Tune Up rebate

Pool Pump Rebates

Energy Star pool heater and pump information

$100 for ENERGY STAR rated Variable Speed and Variable-flow pool pump

$200 Air Source Heat Pump Pool Heating – must be tested to AHRI 1160

Electric Vehicle Rebate

ChargeWise program information (Up to $500 rebate). Click here for the schematic to wire in the meter socket for a time-of-use meter for an electric car.

Commercial and Industrial Rebates

For agriculture, commercial and industrial members, SWCE offers customizable rebate programs for motors, lighting and other energy efficient technologies. Contact SWCE at to learn more about the assistance we can provide when retrofitting or installing new energy efficient technology.

Controlled Water Heater Program

If your existing water heater is in need of replacement consider replacing it with a new energy-efficient electric water heater from SWCE.  We offer a FREE Westinghouse water heater along with a monthly credit to any SWCE member who enrolls in our load management program. For more information see Controlled Electric Water Heater Program Brochure.

Controlled Dual Fuel Program

If your residence is mainly heated using electric heat, air source or ground source heat pumps, SWCE can help reduce the cost of operation when you join SWCE load management program. Controllable electric heating sources can qualify for a reduced electrical rate provided a backup heat source is available. See the Controlled Dual Fuel Program Brochure for more information.

Curtailment and Interruptible Program

For agriculture, commercial and industrial accounts with monthly demand greater than 50 kW, SWCE has load management program rates that can significantly lower your overall electric rate. SWCE’s Interruptible and Curtailment program requires accounts to shed at least 50 kW of their load during peak usage time throughout the year when called upon. Those accounts would either curtail their usage or use generator back-up as the main power source during the control period. See the Curtailment and Interruptible Program Rules for more information contact the SWCE Operations Division.