National Lineworker Appreciation Day is April 11

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) has recognized the second Monday in April as National Lineworker Appreciation Day since 2015. Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric wishes to recognize our lineworkers for their dedication in serving the co-op and its member-owners. The line crew with their Steele-Waseca experience includes (left to right): Assistant Foreman Pete Hines, October 2012; Assistant Foreman Adam Davis, July 2013; Line Technician Collin Wencl, May 2020; Line Technician Tanen Holzem, July 2019; Line Technician Marshal Madery, September 2016; Assistant Foreman Chad Henderson, July 2015; Line Foreman Don Bos, May 1991; Line Foreman Troy Pederson, June 1999; Line Technician Carlos Cruz, September 2016; Assistant Foreman Jake Jablonski, September 2013; Line Foreman Kevin Kjersten, October 2012; and Line Foreman Ben Hrncir, May 2012.