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KW Saves kWhs: Sun in the day-Drapes at night & Bundle up

With winter coming to your area soon, here are a couple easy ways to help you lower your heating costs. Check back each month for additional ideas. Let the sun in during the day and close the drapes at nightSunshine coming through your windows can help heat up a room. Opening and closing drapes strategically […]

Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric nominating committee appointments announced for 2022

The Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric board of directors have made appointments to the 2022 Nominating Committee. It is the nominating committee’s responsibility to prepare the list of director candidates, and post it at the cooperative’s office at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting scheduled Tuesday, June 7, 2022. The election of directors will take […]

Supporting electric co-op members across Minnesota, Connexus Energy successfully challenges unlawful BNSF practices

Courtesy: Minnesota Rural Electric Association (MREA) Connexus Energy and electric cooperatives across the state were handed a critical victory, Sept. 9, regarding fees and requirements related to rail- road crossings. The Minnesota Public Utilities Com- mission (PUC) decided in favor of Con- nexus in a petition for resolution of a dispute with BNSF Railway Company. […]

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Manager Connection – Cooperative Principles

By Syd Briggs,General Manager You may recall last month, my column touched on the first three cooperative principles, so as cooperative month concludes, I’d like to reflect on the remaining four principles, as they, like the previous three, are essential to the co-op business model, benefit all members of the co-op, and make me thankful […]

Storage Water Heating Program

Benefits Installing an electric water heater lets you enjoy the cleanest, safest, most efficient water heating system The SWCE Storage Water Heater Program SWCE will give you a FREE 115-gallon Westinghouse water heater Water heater will be controlled from 7 AM-11 PM (Mon-Fri) You will receive either the dual fuel rate (if on dual fuel) […]

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