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Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric hosts electric vehicle safety training for area fire departments

Personnel from nine area fire departments were in attendance Tuesday, Jan. 18, for a First Responder EV (Electric Vehicle) Safety Training session in the warehouse of Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric. Owner and Facilitator Jack Volz of Safety and Security Consultation Specialists, LLC, shared information on types of electric vehicles, EV emergency response techniques, disabling electric vehicles, […]

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KW Saves kWhs: Fans & Filters

Here are a couple easy ways to help you lower your heating costs. Check back each month for additional ideas. Ventilation Fans and Air Filters Don’t leave bathroom or kitchen ventilation fans running longer than necessary. They replace inside air with outside air. Clean or replace all filters in your home regularly. Dirty filters make […]

Steele-Waseca details residential rebates available to members in 2022

Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric member-owners seeking to add value to their energy dollar may utilize rebates offered by the co-op in 2022. Rebates for central air conditioners and air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are listed below, and require a quality installation. To find a qualified installer, visit Steele-Waseca’s website,, click on “Residential Rebates,” then “Qualified […]

Powering Up After an Outage

America’s Electric Cooperatives High-Voltage Transmission Lines: Transmission towers and cables that supply power to transmission substations (and thousands of members) rarely fail. But when damaged, these facilities must be repaired before other parts of the system can operate. Distribution Substation: A substation can serve hundreds or thousands of consumers. When a major outage occurs, line […]

Why is my bill higher in the winter?

In our region, November through March is typically when members use the most electricity due to cold weather. Here are other factors that cause energy use to increase: Shorter days and longer nights mean more time indoors. That typically means more lights, TVs, appliances and vide games in use. Heating systems run more. Even if […]

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